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Starting to feel this more than ever.

So busy unpacking into my little cottage(which is actually a trailer but I’m calling it my cottage), it was nice getting a break to drink some iced coffee and tell my little dog how much I love her.

Going to be so nice no longer having to do distance with Charles, and getting to go back to school.

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It’s my birthday!(21)

I don’t know what’s right or wrong anymore, I don’t know if I’m brainwashed or corrupt.

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Hiking in pretty places.

In two weeks I will be done with work and have to clear my things out, four more days after I will be driving from Alaska to Oregon.
And on my birthday I will be getting hugs from my boyfriend and drinks from the bartender(21!).

No longer having to deal with all of the troubles a long distance relationship gives you, and being able to go on dates like a real couple has my head and heart spinning all over the place.

I am anxious, excited, nervous, and not packed.
Moving is hard when you like stuff.

Scoby growing in my closet, my hot ass room is making her quite happy.

Because I’m moving I’ve been considering putting up an add on Craigslist, “Momma Scoby In Need Of Good Home!(likes dark warm closets and big pools of black tea to swim in, nurturing mother, good at makin’ the babies)

Yeah, i’ve had a glass or two of wine tonight.

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My pup loves car rides and new bows and bones for her birthday.

Baby Bambi giving me cheek kisses

I talk, I listen, I sing, I paint.

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